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Web Design & Development

Onstream’s Entertainment Digital Network (EDNet) is the creative media industry's standard for the highest quality audio and video communications. EDNet’s network spans over 600 North American affiliates and nearly 200 international associates: studios, advertising agencies, producers, directors and talent, for production, post-production and distribution.

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Café Retiro

Web Development & Support

Café Retiro is a brand of special coffee with the regional identity from El Retiro, Antioquia, Colombia. Their grains are the product of a craft process called "from the plant to the cup" that in spanish means "De la mata a la Taza". Therefore Café Retiro is a different coffee in flavor and aroma than other coffies like the coffee trade.

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The Tutu Project

E-commerce Design, Development and Support

The Tutu Project™ started from a single photographic creation. Taking “Ballerina” on the road became a way of coping for both of them after Linda’s re-diagnosis in 2006. Technology enabled Linda to share her husband’s crazy pictures with her “chemo-mates” during treatment. They laughed, and idea for the official The Tutu Project™ was born. They decided to dedicate this body of work to women with breast cancer.

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MVP Web Application Development

iSocial helps you get discovered and noticed in the places that matter to you the most. Now you can spend less time "marketing", and more time doing what you love.

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The Carey Foundation

Web Design, Development and Maintenance

The Carey Foundation’s mission is to provide financial support for women and men diagnosed with breast cancer, survivors, and their family members. The Foundation was founded by Linda and Bob Carey, creators of The Tutu Project. Funds raised with the support of The Tutu Project, individual and corporate donations are provided directly to organizations that offer assistance with cancer-related costs like transportation to treatment, home care, childcare and medical supplies.

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Stellar Employ

MVP Web Application Development

Stellar Employ lowers turnover for hourly jobs by 20-30% through their proprietary technology that combines skill and preference-set evaluations with a learning algorithm for each client.

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Web Development

Juan Carlos Giraldo Journalist. He is a judge in “Desafio Fashionista” a TV Reality Show of Discovery Home & Health. Also he’s presenter of “Tu Moda Sí Incomoda”. A fashion lover, style and good living.

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Avanzar Ventures

Web Design & Development

Avanzar Ventures is an invest and advise early-stage technology company, with a core focus in marketing tech. They believe that the faster to market and more efficient a company is, the less money is going to get spent. As angels they actively step in to help a product get to market on time, train employees and figure out what (and who) should receive resources.

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Web Development & Support

Publicize is a startup aiming to disrupt the PR industry. The company was founded in 2010 by Conrad Egusa, a former VentureBeat writer, when he realized that the PR industry’s business model was broken for startups.

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Abarka TV

Web Design & Development - Under Construction

An alternative voice to traditional media. They expose the realities of Colombia as others don't.

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MVP Application Development - Under Construction

Colecto is a company dedicated to connecting colombian workers with job opportunities.

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Web Development

Choose2Matter is a global movement that challenges and inspires people to work collaboratively to develop innovative solutions to social problems.

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With their level of expertise and ability to deliver on time every time, I foresee a long future working with them on web development and design projects. Permalink Group is dependable, reliable and has become an integral part of my team. I look forward to our continued relationship as they share in our success.

Maria Perilli
Maria Perilli Founder Light Blue Link Inc.

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Non Profit

  • Fundación Mi Sangre
  • The Carey Foundation
  • Choose 2 Matter

PR & Communication

  • Socialatom Group
  • Publicize
  • Brownstein & Egusa


  • Guaracú Hostería
  • Multicolor Birding Colombia
  • Barranquero Cicloturismo


  • Compañía Nacional de Stevia
  • Clearcast Digital Media
  • Avanzar Ventures
  • Light Blue Link


  • Children Of America
  • St. Mark’s School
  • Iefangel.org


  • Colombia Reports
  • Pulso Social
  • El Reporte


  • Exponencial Confirming


  • The Colombian Film Festival
  • Cinema Tropical
  • Abarka TV


  • R2 Media Design
  • IYSIS Business Services, LLC.
  • Place Vendome, Inc.


  • iSocial
  • Onswipe
  • Stellar Employ


  • iSocial Media
  • oneQube
  • Miss Fitness Colombia


  • Signature Paris
  • JeanShop
  • The Tutu Project


  • Sarta Vestidos
  • Safetti
  • Seven Seven
  • JGiraldo Reporta


  • Blue Dental
  • Surgical Group
  • Virchow Health, Inc.


  • Onstream Media Corporation
  • Scientificly Inc.
  • CRC Systems

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